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    Exercise Tips for Lower Back Pain

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Routine exercise offers a number of benefits, from helping you maintain your weight, to reducing your chances of back pain.

    In this video, we take a closer look at exercises designed to reduce the chances of lower back pain. Start in the quadruped position with your knees and hands on the floor so that your hands are shoulder width apart and your back is straight. Raise your right leg and left arm so that they are parallel to your body and hold for two seconds, before returning to the basic position and repeating on the other side. Check out this video for more great exercise tips.

    Are you struggling with low back pain? Get the care you need by contacting Heathrow Chiropractic in Lake Mary at (407) 829-2133 today!

    Reasons to Choose Heathrow Chiropractic for Your Needs

    Last updated 6 months ago

    The health and wellness of your body is priceless. At Heathrow Chiropractic, Dr. Mark Pegan and his entire team are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain better health. Dr. Pegan focuses on providing natural and safe treatments for injuries and illness. At Heathrow Chiropractic, we believe that you can benefit from our core treatment methods: active care, passive care, nutrition, and mental being. We offer a variety of treatment options, including massage therapy, spinal decompression, and personalized nutritional and weight loss services. Dr. Pegan and Dr. Auchter are dedicated to increasing their knowledge to better each of their patients’ lives. When you visit Healthrow Chiropractic, you’ll love our “no wait policy,” meaning you’ll be seen immediately because we know how valuable your time is. Our staff are friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable, and you will receive care in the supportive and professional environment you deserve.

    Are you ready to schedule your appointment with a chiropractor at Heathrow Chiropractic? Call us at (407) 829-2133 to discover the difference natural and effective treatment options can make in your life. Click through our website to learn more about us and our dedication to providing excellent care in Lake Mary.

    Everything You Need to Know About Spinal Adjustments

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Your spine is a central component of your overall health. Misalignments of the bones and tissues within the spine can cause a range of physical symptoms, including back pain and overall poor health. Spinal adjustment is a safe and effective chiropractic treatment to achieve healthy alignment of the spine and improved overall wellness. 

    What Happens During a Spinal Adjustment?
    During a spinal adjustment, your chiropractor will correct any misalignments, or subluxations, of the vertebrae in your spine. This is achieved via the application of controlled force with your chiropractor’s hands while you sit or lie down. Spinal adjustment does not hurt; in fact, you may feel an immediate sensation of relief. You may also hear your joint “crack,” which is the release of gas as joint pressure is relieved. This is completely normal and expected.

    Why Should I Get a Spinal Adjustment?
    Spinal adjustment corrects subluxations caused by injuries to the tissues of the spine. Before an adjustment is suggested, your chiropractor will perform a thorough examination of the spine to determine if you have suffered any subluxations that can be addressed via manipulation. Untreated subluxations can limit your body’s range of motion and cause inflammation and irritation of the nerves, which result in pain in your back, neck, head, or extremities.

    Are There Side Effects of Spinal Adjustment?
    Chiropractic adjustment is a safe and often painless treatment. In some cases, muscle spasms around the site may cause minor discomfort following the adjustment. The most frequently reported side effect of an adjustment is minor soreness around the site for up to 24 hours post-treatment. The application of ice or a cold compress can reduce any discomfort during this time.

    If you’d like to learn more about chiropractic adjustment and other treatments for back pain in Lake Mary, call Heathrow Chiropractic today at (407) 829-2133. Dr. Pegan will be happy to meet with you and address all your questions and concerns to ensure you receive the best treatment for your pain or injury. Click through our website to learn more about our team!

    Health Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that relieves knots and tension in the muscles. It has many health benefits ranging from pain relief to improved fitness and flexibility.

    This video discusses the many benefits of receiving a deep tissue massage, including the relief of muscle tension, aches, and pains. Deep tissue massage reduces scar tissue around the joints, improving your range of motion and your posture. Many health conditions and injuries can be treated through deep tissue massage, including carpal tunnel sydrome, sciatica, and whiplash.

    Would you like to learn more about the benefits of massage? Call Heathrow Chiropractic at (407) 829-2133 to explore your massage options today. We offer chiropractic care, massage, nutritional counseling, and more in Lake Mary, FL. Click through our blog for more wellness tips and information.

    A Look at the Uses and Benefits of Massage

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Massage therapy has been used since ancient times to promote relaxation and healing of the body and mind. There are many different forms of massage, ranging from relaxing Swedish massage to deep tissue massages that increase circulation and trigger the body’s natural healing processes. Each modality holds a range of health benefits you can enjoy following your treatment session.

    Promotes Mental and Physical Relaxation
    Many people envision massage as a pampering, relaxing experience that relieves stress, and they are right. Stress plays a significant role in your health, causing widespread problems that range from trouble sleeping to trouble conceiving. Massage is an excellent way to lessen physical and mental stress. The soothing strokes help tense muscles to relax, relieving back pain, headaches, and more. Massage also allows the mind to relax as well, reducing mental stress and anxiety for a more refreshed outlook on life.

    Aids in Healing and Sports Training
    Massage is an effective treatment to speed the body’s natural healing process and promote greater flexibility and range of motion. Techniques such as deep tissue massage and sports massage increase circulation and lymphatic drainage for stronger, healthier muscles. Massage is often a component of physical therapy treatment during recovery following an injury or after surgery to promote faster recovery and ease of movement.

    Addresses Pain from Musculoskeletal Disorders
    Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, myofascial pain syndrome, and fibromyalgia cause chronic pain in joints or muscles. Massage improves nutrient flow throughout the body and eases the pain associated these conditions to restore healthy movement and improve quality of life. Treatment with massage also improves the quality of sleep in patients with chronic pain disorders, allowing them to sleep more soundly and wake feeling more refreshed.

    Heathrow Chiropractic offers massage for relaxation and wellness in Lake Mary. Click through our website to check out our offerings, such as a customized massage therapy session utilizing your choice of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, or reflexology. Call (407) 829-2133 to schedule your massage appointment with us today.


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